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  Event:   Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association, Alberta Chapter,
Breeder’s Show
  Venue:   The Pavilion, Olds Agricultural Society Grounds, Olds, Alberta.
  Date:   September 21, 2003.

J.E.S. Breeding Farm presented two (homebred) three-year-old Mares of proven Holsteiner Performance Bloodlines and returned home with:

  2   Grand Champion Ribbons
  1   Reserve Champion Placing
  2   1st Place Ribbons, and
  3   2nd Place Awards.

CITA 2000 by CARTHAGO SUN I out of COLIBRI (Carthago Z/Caletto I/Latus-Landgraf I) followed in her sister’s (Cera 99) hoofprints:

  • Grand Champion Mare of the Breeders Show
  • Winner of the three and four-year-old Mare Class, Score: 8
  • 2003 Provincial Reserve Champion
  • Grand Champion three-year-old Material Class (under saddle)
  • Winner of the Performance Field Test (most important for us)
    Score: 8.33

CALIDA by CALIDO I out of DAVOS (Cantus/Schampus XX – Julio Mariner/Landgraf I – Buehne-Stamm) was just as impressive:

She was 2nd Placed in the above classes, with Scores of 7.5 and 8.17 respectively (3rd in overall Provincial Championship)

These successes are the more rewarding since competition was strong.

Oct 9, 2003.

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